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Procedural Representation and
Criminal Consulting

We offer legal advice, judicial and extrajudicial representation that covers all criminal legislation, including Economic Criminal Law and Jury Court. We also have a specific consultancy program for crimes in Economic Criminal Law, Corporate, Competition and Anti-Corruption Legislation. Not only that, but we act in a combative way, along all administrative and judicial instances and stages of the procedures, from the Defensive Police Inquiry to after the final decision of the case, guaranteeing rights during eventual enforcement of the sentence or up to criminal review.

Our Segments 

Crimes against the national financial system

Money laundering crimes and organized crime

Crimes against the tax and economic order

Frauds and crimes committed over the Internet
Crimes in bidding and administrative contracts

Crimes against consumer relations

Smuggling and Embezzlement

Crimes against the environment

White-collar crimes

Crimes against life and honor

Crimes against property

Crimes against public administration
Drug trafficking and correlated 

Oral Support and Criminal Defense 
Defensive Inquiry and custody hearing

Compliance and personalized services

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