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Our services

Marcus de Andrade is a law firm that offers criminal advice to companies and persons. We coordinate cases and work in criminal assistance, besides advocate in all instances and serve our clients according to their specific needs, valuing the earnestness  assertiveness and agility.


Forms of Operation


This complete consultancy is one of our most sought services. In agreement  with your legal need related to Criminal Law, we offer a program of resources and guidelines for your case, diagnosing the factual-legal situation.

We advocate in a combative and updated way, owning  the experience and knowledge necessary to make our legal representations successful. Likewise, we establish objectives tailored to your needs and expectations, besides act in all the unfolding of the case.

We carry out an approach based on correct and contemporary information. By hiring our consulting services, you can be sure that we will be available for any other steps in the process.

We rely on the partnership of respected professionals in brazilian law, to achieve the best and broadest results for your case. We have reliable sources of legal advice, consultancy and professional representation in various legal areas related to Criminal Law.

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