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Marcus Vinicius de Andrade

Founding partner

His experience as a criminal lawyer has fourteen years in law firms with emphasis on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law, in addition to having advised Judges and Justices for five years. Published the article "Criminal Guarantees: Presentation and Comparison with the Brazilian Federal Constitution. Legality and Brazilian Reality", in: "Democracy and Crisis: an interdisciplinary look at the construction of perspectives for the Brazilian State" (2020). Currently, researches on criminal treatment of dollar-cable and bitcoin-cable operations, in the crime of foreign exchange evasion - Article 22 of Law No. 7.492/1986.

Law Degree by Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo - PUC-SP (2009). Postgraduate in Criminal Law, Lato Sensu, by Escola Paulista da Magistratura - EPM (2019-2020). Postgraduate in Civil Procedural Law, Lato Sensu, by FACON (2019). Specialist in Economic and European Criminal Law by the Instituto Brasileiro de Ciências Criminais - IBCCrim and University of Coimbra IDPEE (2011), in Jury Court by the Escola Superior da Advocacia - ESA - OAB/SP (2011) and in Criminal Enforcement by APDCrim (2010).

We count on the collaboration of lawyers from other fields of law, in order to achieve the best and broadest results. We are reliable sources of legal advice, consultancy and professional representation, in addition to having a comprehensive service that correlates the client's legal-criminal situation to other branches of law that are connected to the case, such as Corporate Law, Competition Law, Economic Law, Tax Law, Electoral Law, Labor Law, Consumer Law and Civil Law.

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